Original T-shirt I can make from one ☆

The original T-shirt from one Now that you have found a shop that can make, And decided to get made with photos of their favorite landscape. Photos also because those taken by myself, a favorite of the landscape are. And I think that the T-shirt to wear as at home, I'm still good to that other people do not have ☆ Once this favorite things came out in the wind, I wonder if let's T-shirts from now ♪ When would make the original one once, I off-the-shelf becomes somewhat unsatisfactory. 。

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The first experience snorkeling in Yae Hise

Snorkeling at Yae Hise and I was been first experience, and I wonder did not think something so much fun. The first place, or say that it is not really like swimming, Because rather not swim nearly, No had never done something bathing.

And because it was said to me can also be not swim, and wearing life jackets, The translation it has been participating in the tour to take the plunge to borrow goggles. blue sea that seemingly endless, colorful fish that swim the ocean floor, I was Toko cry in everyone too beauty sea.

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Parts was no longer fit to hand manufacturer

Long it had been using a washing machine at home is broke. Since any rate are using for nearly 30 years, the break is inevitable that the be. But, mother I want do not want a new one when you .... is. My mother I hate is fully automatic washing machine. Although I double-layer is good, now I do not sell. Do not ordered the parts from the manufacturer, No longer the part where you query is to not making even the manufacturer, Stock is also unlikely. There is often the old ones, but ... the parts to be repaired is eliminated. Since no choice, ask to anyone to make the parts, I had made a bother old type of parts. But I Yappa abnormal me '30 move washing machine.


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Research firm that brings a background check from your mobile phone

Background check from a mobile phone I heard there is a research firm that brings a! His friends are, so take the suspicious behavior recently, Incoming frequently contact to mobile, Even do there was a suspicious number. Thinking is Innovation and "wonder if have an affair Maybe?", To the research firm, and Even'm asked a background check! Research firm is me examine the party's name and address, And then I thought, Even did he was cheating! Irrefutable been confronted the evidence, No seems he also can not excuse, broke up eventually friends. Recently, in like in many cases to use a mobile phone to crime, Request for investigation of this hand seems to increase suddenly.

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Did you got to find a diet supplicant that suits you!

Supplements are, what the is whether I choose, I'm get lost. Soon and for the summer, and I ~ I I wonder if go squeeze the body of the line, And was looking for a diet supplicant. At such times, the senior of the company has introduced me to is, this supplicant! After about two weeks since I started drinking, somehow, No feel like body type has changed to. Of course, drink the supplicant not just, Though exercise was also working hard together, so immediately effect comes Nante, I am happy!

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Work of graphic design

The other day, in the designer's blog you are put in a bookmark are reading always, Diary of ten Bullets for people who want a graphic design work had been uploaded. I am not a designer, but, It became very study there to try and a lot of things that apply to their own reading. Especially with respect to the portfolio, and because I had to leave it by creating a long time ago, Immediately and I would like to review.


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Experience diving in Ishigaki

To spring break and experience diving in Ishigaki Island . Anyway beauty of the sea of ​​Ishigaki Island is the best! ! Something at all beautiful than Hawaii and Guam. If it says will want try dive in such a beautiful sea, tried signed up suddenly experience diving. In the 1st course of experience diving, with snorkeling and lunch. I pounding of diving first experience. Morning, asked to pick up to the hotel, as it is starting from the harbor to the snorkeling point. In the morning enjoy snorkeling, after eating lunch, finally diving. Was impressed leave too of the sea and the fish and the beauty of the coral.

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I borrow the renovation of apartments in Fukuoka

It was decided to go to Fukuoka in relocation. Go to Kyushu I have been pounding from the first time now. You should not and does not ensure a place to live prior to relocation. So, although I had examined the various properties, Renovation of the apartment is I found that there a good location of Fukuoka. To close to the company it is above all so convenient. Apartment itself is very well probably because that was beautiful renovation. More than anything, I liked the price is marked with chitin and auto lock to not high. It was nice to find a renovation of apartments in Fukuoka. W that we are wondering whether to do so the placement of furniture from now


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I'm Okinawa classic What Chinsuko

I'm souvenir of classic Okinawa me Chinsuko. At first, he will score lantern heard rumors! And happy was I'm me, and Toka this place, went to Okinawa, Speaking me homecoming from Okinawa, I am new Chinsuko. I got bored pretty. I guess people often are bored like me. In addition to the classic taste, Toka pineapple taste and salty, but it has come to various taste to enjoy.

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Pandemic catering and delivery is between mom friend

The reason for the lunch meeting in catering and delivery is, are you popular among mom friend. And I'm fun to go to lunch in various restaurants, you want to relax slowly at home, I want to enjoy the slowly chat, moreover, would like to eat good food, I'm there is a luxury request. Translation it is catering and delivery of us answer to selfishness of such moms.


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